If you wish to check availability or make reservations, we currently accept them by:
Phone: (707) 478-7317

Hours of Operation

  • Hours: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM Pacific Time
  • Open: 7 days a week, year round (excluding the following holidays)
    2020 Holidays
    01/01 New Years Day
    04/12 Easter
    07/04 Independence Day
    10/31 Halloween
    11/26 Thanksgiving Day
    12/24-12/26 Christmastime
    12/31 New Years Eve

Check Availability

Not Currently Operating Wine Tours

While we cannot wait until we can share Sonoma’s Wine Country with you again, please note we are currently still not allowed to reopen as of yet. We do update this website as new information becomes available, so check back frequently! In anticipation of being allowed to reopen with modifications in the future, we currently are accepting only reservations for our Private Wine Tours for dates beginning in January 2021. If we are unable to reopen by a scheduled tour date, you will be given a cancellation notice no less than two weeks prior to your tour date. Please note, that if California still requires masks and physical distancing at the time of your tour, you will be required to comply with those orders for the duration of our tour. No exceptions.

To check AVAILABILITY for you, we need to know all of the following info:

  • Tour type (shared or private)
  • Date(s) requested
  • Number of guests in your group
  • Both the town and address you need to be picked up from


To make RESERVATIONS (after checking availability) you will need to provide this additional info:

  • Credit Card Information (we accept Visa, M/C and Discover)
    Name of card holder
    Card number
    Expiration date
    3 Digit code of back
    Billing zip code
  • Cell phone number (to call you the night before with your exact pick-up time)
  • Email address (to email you a reservation confirmation and the pick-up time info the night before the tour)
  • Name(s) of the other guest(s) in your group (both first and last)
  • Reason for trip (special occasion, vacation, work, etc)
  • Where everyone is from
  • Have you visited Sonoma Wine Country before
  • What types of wines do you typically drink
  • How did you hear about us

Please note: being a small company, at times we can book up months in advance, especially for weekends during peak season. We strongly encourage you to make advanced reservations for our Sonoma wine tours.

Typical Seasons:
Off Peak – December and January. While we always recommend advanced reservations, during this season we can generally accommodate last minute bookings (especially mid week).
Regular – February through June. We recommend making advanced reservations, especially for Friday through Monday bookings.
Peak – July through November. We strongly recommend making advanced reservations very early for both the best pricing and greatest availability.

Need more information?
Feel free to contact us by phone or email, we are always happy to talk with you! Or if you prefer, try looking on these pages:
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*When making a reservation, you agree that you have read and accept both our terms and conditions as well as our cancellation policy.