We specialize in Sonoma County’s northern Wine Country, up around the historic town of Healdsburg. Specifically, we tour heavily the Dry Creek Valley and then touch a little into either the Alexander Valley or Russian River Valley regions as they touch into the Dry Creek Valley.

Do you provide wine tours in Napa?

Sorry, no. We specialize in Sonoma County’s Wine Country. Unlike many other wine tour companies, we focus our entire attention on the northern wine regions in Sonoma County. This is what sets us apart and makes us the true experts at guiding you on your Wine Country Journey.

Which wineries will we visit on our wine tour?

We usually do not know in advance. We do not have just one set of wineries that we visit, as there are so many great ones! We have a list of about 25 wineries that make up our preferred winery list. Our guides customize the day’s tour based on several factors, some of which include, locations of pick-ups, guest wine preferences (which we ask at the time of reservation) and available wineries for the day (as they all have different days of operation and special event scheduling). All of our preferred wineries have been hand selected by us with our overall criteria being a variety of great wines, beautiful vineyards and exceptional customer service.

May we pick which wineries we go to?

No. Our guides will select the day’s itinerary as they will match which of our preferred wineries are the best fit for the overall group on that date.

Do you tour wineries not on your preferred winery list?

No. Our preferred winery partners have a working relationship with us and typically go above and beyond providing our guests a great experience! This is one of the many reasons we maintain our 5 star online ratings.

How long will we spend at each winery?

There is no preset time limit. It varies with each group. Typically, we spend about 45 minutes at each winery. However, we do usually spend a little more time at both our morning winery with a tour and at our lunch winery.

How do you determine which wineries are the best for the group?

When we take a reservation, we ask what types of wines our guests typically drink. Not because that is necessarily what we will be tasting, but rather acts as a tool for our guides so that they may match up our preferred wineries to our overall guests’ pallets. Our guides are experts on the different wineries, their wines and the overall experience the winery will provide to our group. Remember, this is a day out wine tasting, which means sampling a variety of wines that you might necessarily have tasted before.

Can I buy wine on the tour?

Absolutely! While it is not required, we encourage you to buy wine when you find something you like! Oftentimes, you will not be able to find the wine when you return home, as many of the smaller wineries only sell their wine at their winery. And the wineries appreciate you business and many have special offerings or discounts for our groups.

I love the wine, but I can’t purchase it because I can’t take it home with me.

Depending upon where you live, that may be the case. However, don’t forget, you can always buy just a bottle or two to enjoy if you will still be traveling in the area.

How do I get my wine home?

During the tour, we have room in our vehicles to accommodate wine purchases. Once we drop you off, there are various ways to get your wine home. Depending upon your state’s laws, some of the ways include; shipping it directly from the winery, shipping the wines to yourself from a local shipper, or buying a shipper box at a winery and checking the protected wine as luggage. Your guide can explain your options in more detail on the tour.

What is a wine club?

You might say, being a wine club member is like taking home a piece of the Wine Country! When you become a wine club member at a winery, you are shipped a pre-set amount of wine throughout the year (example; 2 bottles of wine every other month). While joining is usually free, the member is responsible for the wine and shipping costs which are billed with the shipment. There are many benefits to being a wine club member. In addition to getting to enjoy the wine throughout the year – especially if it is a wine you cannot otherwise find at home. Members often receive special offerings, discounts on wine and winery events, and oftentimes are included in member only winery events. All wine clubs are different, so if you are interested in becoming a member, you should ask the winery staff for more details.

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