Do we stop and eat during the tour?

Yes. We eat midday on both our Shared Group Wine Tours and Private Group Wine Tours. We stop at a gourmet deli where everyone may purchase what they would like to eat. Then we eat at the next winery.

Is the lunch food included in the price for our Shared Group Wine Tour or Private Group Wine Tour?

Sorry, it is not included. We want everyone to be able to enjoy their lunch, and because there are so many factors to consider (vegetarians, vegans, food allergies, medical conditions and dietary restrictions) it is easier for everyone to purchase their own food, based on their individual needs and preferences. Guests may purchase food when we stop at a gourmet deli. Most guests spend about $15/person. And purchasing right before we will be eating ensures that you will be eating fresh food that has been properly handled and not just sitting in a cooler in the vehicle for half the day.

When do we stop for lunch during the wine tours?

We typically visit 2 wineries first. Then, we stop at a gourmet deli where you may purchase your food. Afterwards we take it to the next winery where we will eat prior to doing our tasting there.

Where do we purchase our lunch on the wine tours?

A gourmet deli that offers a wide variety of food. Typically we stop at the Dry Creek General Store or Big John’s Market.

What types of food can we expect to find at the gourmet deli?

There is a wide variety of foods to select from including foods for guests with specific dietary needs/restrictions (such as vegetarian, vegan, sugar free, gluten free, ect.) Most guests commonly purchase fresh soups, salads, sandwiches or cheese and bread.

May I bring my own lunch food?

Absolutely. We have coolers in our vehicles. However, we are not responsible for the food staying at a proper temperature. Please let us know if you will selecting to bring your own food. We will still stop at the gourmet deli for the other guests and guide to purchase their lunch.

Where do we eat our lunch?

After the gourmet deli we will all eat together at the next winery before doing the tasting there.

Are beverages included?

We provide complimentary chilled bottle water onboard the vehicle throughout the tour, as it is important to stay hydrated when wine tasting for an extended amount of time. You are responsible for your lunch beverage if you want something other then water. Please note, since we eat at a winery, we have to obey their alcohol licensing which does not allow consumption of outside alcohol on their property. You may purchase a non alcohol drink at the gourmet deli, or purchase wine at the winery we eat at. See below.

May we have wine with our lunch?

Yes. If you purchase a glass or bottle of wine at the host winery, they will open it for you and provide you with glasses. Depending upon which winery and their rules, they may count your lunch wine toward how much wine they can legally serve your. Most guests purchase a non alcohol drink from the deli so they can refresh their pallets before tasting more wine. Please remember, you are not allowed to bring outside wine (or any other type of alcohol) to consume at our lunch winery, as their specific alcohol licensing does not permit it.

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