The Story of Wine Country Journeys…

Jerry and Amanda’s passion for Sonoma County wines and their love for the Wine Country lifestyle drew them to this area many years ago. Eventually, that same love and passion led Jerry to working in the wine industry.

Jerry started by working part-time (when his full-time career schedule would allow) for a San Francisco based tour company, and it was there that his passion for the tour industry came alive. Having always been a “people person,” it was there that he discovered how much he really enjoyed meeting new people and learning about the many different parts of the world they came from, while at the same time sharing with them all the wonders of our great area – the Sonoma Wine Country.

With this, Jerry made a decision to learn all he could about the complete wine industry, which led him to a new occupation with a large local (Napa and Sonoma County) wine company that handled wine storage, retail, fulfillment and collector services. Over his time of employment with them, he climbed their corporate ladder, working in as many different departments as possible. This allowed him the opportunity to build relationships and forge friendships with people in all aspects of the wine industry including wine collectors, wine resellers and restaurants (such as the world renowned French Laundry), wine makers, winery employees, winery owners and the list goes on. By the time he was done, he was the operations manager for their entire Sonoma County facility.

After achieving all of this, Jerry decided that he was ready to return to the wine tour industry, knowing that eventually he wanted to own his own company where he could continue to educate people about the great Sonoma County wineries and the wonderful wines they create! He returned to doing tours, but this time, full-time with a local Sonoma County company. Then, once ready, he unleashed his passion and started Wine Country Journeys LLC.

Joined by his wife, Amanda, who brings the back office experience to the company, they are proud to offer the ultimate Wine Country tour experience! Their tours are designed with their guests in mind. Keeping their group size small (never more than 8 guests) allows them to take their tours to the small family owned or boutique hidden gem / backroad wineries who cannot accommodate the larger groups, giving their guests a true look at the wonders of Sonoma County’s Wine Country. To maintain the ultimate, top quality and consistency of their tours and wine education, Jerry continues to be the sole guide, while Amanda works on the logistics side in the office and is usually the voice behind the emails and calls.

Who is Wine Country Journeys LLC? The owners, Jerry and Amanda Arend, and they look forward to sharing a day in the Wine Country with you!