Status Update for June 2021

Status Update for June 2021

Wow, is it already June 2021? We are definitely overdue for a status update and this one finally brings something big to report!

While Sonoma County is currently still in the Orange Tier, that will change soon. BIG news for all of California! On June 15th, California will fully reopen the economy! And that means the state will move beyond the “Blueprint for a Safer Economy” (so no more colored tiers). All sectors listed in the current Blueprint Activities and Business Tiers Chart may return to usual operations (with limited exceptions noted for Mega Events).

So after 15 months, we begin to see the return of some normalcy! And this is truly exciting news!

Going Forward Beyond June 15, 2021

Here at Wine Country Journeys, we are so excited about CA reopening the economy. And we truly cannot wait until we can reopen and once again share Sonoma Wine Country with everyone!

So when will we be reopening? Our current plan is to reopen in 2022.

Reopening will take several steps/stages. And the very first step is making sure that once we reopen, we will be able to remain open. That means we need to be sure that the pandemic restrictions will not be coming back. That will take a few months of data to determine. And that timing coincides with our high fire season. The last few fire seasons has had a very negative impact on our operations which otherwise used to be our busiest time of year. So our plan is to sit tight, get past these two big factors, and then begin the process of reopening.

In the last few months of this year, we will begin the final steps of reopening. We will need to update our vehicles/fleet and then reactivate our operating authority. Unfortunately, until we reactive our operating permit, we are not allowed to advertise services or take future reservations. So once we complete these tasks, we will set our reopening date in 2022 and begin taking future reservations at that time.

Until We Reopen in 2022

We will continue to update our status on our website and social media. And while we will not be accepting future reservations at this time, we will still be responding to all other calls and emails. So to our many repeat customers who have continue reaching out to us during this time, we will still be in touch to chat and catch up!!

We are looking forward to 2022!