Welcome 2021

Welcome 2021

Welcome 2021

As we welcome 2021, we reflect on what a year 2020 has been…for all of us.

Personally, the Wine Country Journeys team continues to endure. And recognize that we are fortunate that both all of us and our loved ones remain safe and well at this time. However, we know that is not so for many people. And our hearts go out to each and everyone during this continued difficult time.

Professionally, Wine Country Journeys turned 10 this year! That milestone should have been one to celebrate. Instead, we had to “temporarily” close mid March 2020 for the unfolding world pandemic. And at that time, we had no way of knowing how long “temporarily” was truly going to be. At times, these past 10 months have seemed to drag on and on and on. Yet weirdly, as we reflect, it also feels as if these past 10 months have been a blur. Perhaps those two conflicting feelings are partly due to us being in limbo, without any usual markers of time…

As we say goodbye (good riddance) to 2020, we remain hopeful what 2021 will bring. Not only to us all personally, but to Wine Country Journeys as a company, our many wonderful winery partners, our industry as a whole…and the world at large. We refuse to let the current state of affairs keep us down. Instead, we choose to focus on the positive things to be celebrated. No matter how small they may be or how dim a light they may shine.

What’s Happening with Wine Country Journeys?

Typically we use these posts to provide very detailed updates on the current status of not only our company, but the county and state, as well and the various stages of reopening. However, this post is one to welcome 2021. So if you want detailed info, please view our last post in November.

As we welcome in 2021, we remain hopeful that Wine Country Journeys may reopen at some point during 2021. While we have no crystal ball, our best guestimate will be not until at least mid/late 2021. Until then, we continue to hold on to positivity and hope to begin our tours as soon as it is safe to do so. It has been a long 10 months so far…but we will eventually return, and can’t wait!

So with that, good bye and good riddance 2020…and welcome 2021! Cheers!