Status Update for January 2021

Status Update

Status Update for January 2021

Once again it is time for a status update. Just a few short weeks ago, we said goodbye to the difficult year of 2020 and welcomed in 2021 with much hope for what this new year might bring.

As we mentioned in our last status update, Wine Country Journeys turned 10 this year! And what an amazing accomplishment and milestone that is. During these past 10 years, we have loved sharing our beautiful Sonoma Wine Country with visitors from across the USA and from around the world.

We truly cannot wait until we can reopen and once again share Sonoma Wine Country with everyone. However, with that said, we fear it will now be even longer than we anticipated until we may safely reopen. As the global pandemic continues to rage on, even worse than when it began, our current projections are we will most likely not reopen until 2022.

Since we temporarily closed in March of 2020, we continued to operationally remain ready to open our doors just as soon as we safely could. That included things such as ordinary office expenses, vehicle maintenance and insurance, annual CHP inspections, operating authority fees, and more. However, financially covering all business expenses during these past 10 months without any revenue has proved to be not sustainable going forward.

We have made the difficult decision to be more truly “temporarily closed” in order to conserve our limited financial resources, so we may have the ability to reopen when the time finally arrives. With the various reductions/changes we have had to make, we have also voluntarily “temporarily suspended” our operating authority through the PUC. However, with that status, it prevents us from taking future reservations until we reinstate our status to “active” again. So please understand, we will not be accepting any future reservations until we have a definite reopening date and we reinstate our operating authority.

Going Forward in 2021

We will continue to update our status on our website and social media. And while we will not be accepting future reservations at this time, we will still be responding to all other calls and emails. So to our many repeat customers who have continue reaching out to us during this time, we will still be in touch to chat and catch up!!

We remain hopeful what 2021 will bring. Not only to us all personally, but to Wine Country Journeys as a company, our many wonderful winery partners, our industry as a whole…and the world at large. We refuse to let the current state of affairs keep us down. Instead, we choose to focus on the positive things to be celebrated. No matter how small they may be or how dim a light they may shine.

It has been a long 10 months so far, and this year will be even longer…but we will eventually return, and can’t wait! Until our next update, stay safe, stay well and continue to be the positive support for those you may know who need it.