COVID-19 Update 06/17/20: Leisure Travel/Tourism Reopening in Sonoma Wine County

Hello everyone. It is time for another COVID-19 update and we hope it finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy. If you have lost a loved one during this time, we offer our deepest sympathies.

Modified Shelter In Place: Leisure Travel/Tourism Reopening in Sonoma Wine Country

Both the State of California and the County of Sonoma have modified our Shelter In Place order allowing leisure travel and tourism to begin reopening with modifications starting Friday, June 19th.

It is up to each individual company to decide when they are ready to reopen their doors. Many factors go into this difficult decision. First, they must be able to meet the required modifications. Secondly, they must assess the potential risk to both their employees and their customers. Lastly, they need determine if customers are ready to return. Just because a company reopens, does not mean the customers are ready to come back.

Wine Country Journeys is not Reopening Yet

At this time, Wine Country Journeys has decided we cannot reopen yet. This was a difficult decision, one that was made after many discussions and running various scenarios. The two biggest factors in the spread of COVID-19 are distance and duration. The closer people are to one another, coupled with the length of time they spend together increase their risk significantly.

Recommended modifications include additional sanitation requirements, partition/barrier between the driver and guests, separation of guests’, masks, limited time inside the enclosed vehicle, and windows fully open with outside ventilation. Our tours have always been small intimate groups, and as such, our vehicles are simply not large enough to create the proper physical distancing/partitioning. In addition to that, our travel times (inside the enclosed vehicles) can be up to 1.5 hours at a time. Between the modifications and risk, we simply cannot reopen yet. As things progress and change, we will continue to evaluate our timing of reopening. As always, we will keep our website up to date with our latest news.

We will be back!!!

We hope everyone is doing the responsible thing and helping to stop the spread of COVID-19 to save lives. We are doing our part here and looking forward to seeing you in the future! While we are anxious to reopen and start touring our beautiful Wine County again with all of you, we simply have to be patient and wait. We know it is for the best, as our top priority remains the health and safety of our workers, guests and the greater community.

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