COVID-19 Update 06/04: Modified Shelter In Place / Reopening Stages

Hello everyone. It is time for another COVID-19 update and we hope it finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy. If you have lost a loved one during this time, we offer our deepest sympathies.

Modified Shelter In Place / Reopening Stages

Both the State of California and the County of Sonoma have modified our Shelter In Place order to include some reopening activities. Just recently, Governor Gavin Newsom said as a state, we may begin Stage 3 (of 4 stages) of reopening.

However, it is up to each county’s public health officer to determine the timing of their reopening based on their specific local data.

“Localism is determinative,” so while the state mandates “how” areas may reopen, each county decides “when” they reopen.

While some counties across the state (with lower infection rates) have moved forward, several counties, including some in the Bay Area, are taking things a bit more slowly. As of this article, Sonoma County is in Stage 2 and has recently allowed some businesses to reopen with modifications. One exciting note, our local wineries have been allowed to partially reopen for appointment only, outdoor tastings served with a meal, for groups of 10 guests or less – all needing to be from the same dwelling unit.

If our County infection rate numbers remain stable, we anticipate further reopenings and moving into Phase 3. However at this point, tourism as a whole, is not allowed to reopen yet. (Updates on the Coronavirus and Travel to Sonoma County, CA) So unfortunately that means we remain unable to resume our wine tours. Although we miss sharing our beautiful wine country with everyone, we stand strongly in support of our county health director’s decision. We know it is best for the health and safety of everyone.

Don’t just dream about vacation…

As the modified shelter in place continues, if you are dreaming of the day you can come back to wine country to relax, regroup and restock your wine, start making your plans now! That way, we all have something to look forward to!! Even though we cannot operate any tours right now, we are still answering all calls and emails from home! We are taking reservations for future dates, and selling gift certificates!

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Looking forward to seeing you!

We hope everyone is doing the responsible thing and helping to stop the spread of COVID-19 to save lives. We are doing our part here and looking forward to seeing you in the future!

We will continue to update our page as things change and we can’t wait until we can share wine country with all of you again.