COVID-19 UPDATE: We Are Temporarily Closed


At a press conference held today (3/15/20) by CA Governor Gavin Newsom, he has called for further social distancing with includes the temporary closure of all wineries, brewpubs, bars and nightclubs, as well as all people over the age of 65, and those with underlying chronic medical conditions, to isolate themselves at home.

In compliance with that, since our company only provides wine tours, we will have to temporarily closed our doors as well. At this point, the Governor obviously cannot put a time frame on when we can resume, but we will continue to update our status as we all go through this together.

In closing, we are a small family owned and operated company and this will be a challenging time for us, as that now means we will have zero income until we can reopen. However the safety of our guests, winery partners, family and friends are top priority. We will continue to book tours for future dates with the understanding that we might have to cancel them should this situation continue. We will also continue to sell gift certificates.

Stay safe during this time and we look forward to the day we can all return to our normal lives.